Play-Well’s Builds For Sports Teams

Over the past few years, we have worked with more and more sports teams, both on the professional and college level, providing fans to show their pride in their team by building their logos out of LEGO or participating in one of our LEGO Activations.  Here are some of sports teams we have collaborated with:


For the Buffalo Bills last home game of the regular season, we helped fans build a 5000 LEGO piece Buffalo Bills sign.  Click on the link below for more info:

For University of Notre Dame Women’s Basketball STEM Day, we provided LEGO-Inspired STEM projects for their families to play with.


For two of the Philadelphia Eagles Preseason games, we got fans to build the Eagles logo out of LEGO, as well as provide Eagles-Themed LEGO Activations.  They could even tackle a LEGo Tony Romo.

To open the 2017 San Jose Earthquakes season, we helped fans build the Avaya Stadium out of LEGO® bricks with the help of their Mascot Q.


We provided a LEGO Activation for the 2 days of the Chicago Bears Training Camp, as well as one of their preseason games.


For Super Bowl 50, we teamed up with the SF’s Make-A-Wish Foundation and the San Francisco 49ers to create a LEGO Event


We ran a LEGO Activation for one of the Houston Texans regular season games.

Before the K-State Wildcat’s big game against the Texas Tech Raiders, we created basketball-themed play activities for the fans.

Click HERE if you would like us to create your sports teams logo out of LEGO or bring a LEGO activation to your next game or event.

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