Celebrating The Golden State Warriors By Building With LEGO®

Because Play-Well TEKnologies is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, our staff are huge Golden State Warriors fans.  We are doing another Golden State Warriors Building Challenge where if you can create a Golden State Warriors Tribute out of LEGO® materials, you could win a Golden State Warriors Bow Tie made out of LEGO® materials.  We are giving away over 40 Bow Ties for fans to wear during these NBA Finals.  The best part is it is FREE to enter and you get to have fun playing with LEGO while creating an awesome Golden State Warriors Tribute.

Check the details on how to enter below.

Here are examples of what fans have built in the past to celebrate the Warriors.

Here are some of our Golden State Warriors Fan Recipients from the past:

To enter, do the following steps:

#1. Build a Golden State Warriors Tribute in LEGO and tag us one of our social media channels:

#2. Tag us on social media or email your picture to jeff@play-well.org.

Feel free to also tag the Golden State Warriors:

#3. Celebrate! You are done!

Deadline To Enter: The End of the NBA Finals

Enjoy the rest of the NBA Finals!

Press Advisory: Creating the City of Austin out of 40,000 LEGO® Bricks at The Thinkery

On Wednesday Night, June 14th, 2017, Play-Well TEKnologies will be collaborating with the Thinkery to build the city of Austin out of 40,000 LEGO® Bricks.  Families will get the opportunity to build the city of Austin as they would like to see it.  They also get to tackle these questions through play:

  • If you had the chance to design the city of Austin, how would you design it?
  • What else would you add to the city that you currently think is missing?
  • How would you make Austin even better than it is now?

Building The City of Austin out of 40,000 LEGO® Bricks takes place during Thinkery’s special Community Night hours (Wednesdays from 4–8 pm), when admission to the museum is by donation—meaning families are able to pay what they can. The suggested donation is $1.

Thinkery strives to provide a friendly, inspiring space to learn for the entire community, regardless of financial status. By providing experiences to underserved audiences, the museum broadens its ability to equip and inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers.

For information about Thinkery and its Community Night program, please click here.

For information about Thinkery’s STEAM on the Spot program, please click here.

Here are the details of the event:

Event: Building The City of Austin out of 40,000 LEGO® Bricks

Location: The Thinkery, Austin Children’s Museum, 1830 Simond Ave, Austin, TX 78723

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 13th, 2017 / 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Thinkery Contact:Taylor Grobelny, tgrobelny@thinkeryaustin.org.

Play-Well Contact: Miranda Urban, miranda@play-well.org


Thinkery is an evolution of Austin Children’s Museum. It’s Austin’s home for “why” and “how.” A place where science and families play side by side. Where people connect with ideas by doing, making and experiencing. It’s a foundry for a new generation of innovators and creative problem solvers. And it’s a heck of a good time.  For more information, visit thinkeryaustin.org.

Play-Well TEKnologies

Play-Well TEKnologies teaches LEGO-Inspired STEM Programs to approximately 100,000 kids/year around the U.S.  Their goal is to inspire the next generation of engineers, innovators, scientists, and inventors all through the power of play.  Kids dive into our classes and exercise their innate gift for building. They come away understanding fundamental principles of engineering and physics. The experience boosts their confidence, creativity and ability to collaborate.  For more information, visit play-well.org.

Examples of city builds in other states:


Partnering with Hawaii State Library To Build Honolulu Out of LEGO® Bricks

On Saturday, June 3rd, 2017, 318 keiki builders imagined big and created a LEGO® inspired city of Honolulu with their favorite Hawaii landmarks—both manmade and natural, using over 20,000 LEGO®!  The event was the kickoff to Hawaii State Library’s Summer Reading Program.

Hawaii’s First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige was amazed and tickled to add the LEGOR-esque version of her favorite President Abraham Lincoln landmark statue that proudly stands at the front of her alma mater Ewa Elementary School.

Here’s what the library had to say about the event:

Aloha, Wrenn!

You and the Play-Well TEKnologies team “Build a Better World” in all that you do! 

We deeply appreciate all of your efforts to help us build a successful kick-off event for the Hawaii State Public Library System’s 2017 Summer Reading Program.  It was truly awesome to witness a total of 318 keiki builders imagine big and create even bigger a LEGOR-inspired city with their favorite Hawaii landmarks—both manmade and natural! 

Your team’s super positive encouragement and warm demeanor combined with the 20,000 LEGOR bricks were a winning combination to building super-sized smiles from all the participants and their family members partaking in the build.

We received many glowing reviews at the event from keiki and their families who shared how much the enjoyed the activity.  Even Hawaii’s First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige was amazed and tickled to show off the LEGOResque version of her favorite President Abraham Lincoln that you created for her to add the landmark statue that proudly stands at the front of her alma mater Ewa Elementary School.

Again, thank you very much for helping our public libraries to kick off the summer of reading to “Build a Better World”.  



Mary Okinaka

Project Specialist  |  Library Development Services Section

Hawaii State Public Library System


Creating Downtown Novato out of 40,000 LEGO® Pieces

On Saturday, May 20th, 2017, Play-Well TEKnologies collaborated with the South Novato Library and families in the community to build Novato out of 40,000 LEGO® Bricks. Families rebuilt the city of Novato, as they would like to see it. Families got to tackle these questions through play:

  • If you had the chance to design the city, how would you design it?
  • What else would you add to the city that you currently think is missing?
  • How would you make Novato even better than it is now?

Here is what they came up with.

Building The City of Honolulu out of 20,000 LEGO® Pieces

On Saturday, June 3, 2017, Play-Well TEKnologies and the Hawaii State Public Library will be collaborating together to create an opportunity for families to build the city of Honolulu out of 20,000 LEGO® Bricks.  Families will have the opportunity to create Honolulu, as they would like to see it.  They can construct the library, downtown Honolulu, their own home, school, playgrounds, parks etc., all out of 20,000 LEGO® pieces all for FREE.  Kids will explore hands-on architecture and learn about how to build strong structures out of LEGO® bricks.

The event is the Kick-off to Hawaii State Public Library’s Summer Reading Program and is completely FREE to the public.  We do encourage families to register at the link below, as the event may sell out.

Here are the details:

Date & Time:  Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 / 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

(You can register for one of six different 30-minute time slots throughout the day)

Location: Hawaii State Public Library, 478 South King Street, Honolulu, HI 96813

Register For The City of Honolulu Build Here

Event Contacts:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do these city builds look like?

Can I drop my kid off at the event?

  • We ask that parents stay with their kids at all times

Will the kids get to keep their LEGO® creations after the event is over?

Can kids bring their own LEGO pieces to add to the city?

  • We ask that kids keep their LEGO® pieces at home as we would not want them to lose their favorite LEGO® pieces

We aren’t able to make it to the event, but would love for you to come to our neighborhood or school.  Is that possible?

How Long Has Play-Well Been in Hawaii?

For more information about Play-Well, visit play-well.org or send a question to Wrenn Okada at Wrenn@play-well.org.

Press Advisory: Building St. Louis Out Of 50,000 LEGO® Bricks

Back in April 9th, 2017, Play-Well TEKnologies helped families in Lawrence, KS build their city out of 50,000 LEGO® bricks.  It was such a fun event that Play-Well then wanted to attempt it in a larger city, such as St. Louis, MO.

The Grant’s View Branch of St. Louis County Library helped make it a reality, as they have now partnered to build the City of St. Louis out of 50,000 LEGO Bricks on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 11 AM – 4 PM.  The event is already sold out with over 800 people expected to attend.  Part of the goal of this event is to get kids excited about architecture and other STEM-related fields, especially as they go into the summer break.

Here are the details of the event:

Event: Building St. Louis Out of 50,000 LEGO Bricks

Location: St. Louis County Library – Grant’s View Branch (9700 Musick Road, St. Louis, MO 63123)

Date & Time: Sunday, May 21, 2017 / 11 AM – 4 PM

Contact: Rob Angcay, rob@play-well.org, 214.676.6336

Press Day of Contact: Erin Morse, erin@play-well.org, 816.945.9917

Here is how the press covered the event in Lawrence, KS:

When Play-Well isn’t running these large builds, they teach LEGO-Inspired STEM programs to kids in order to inspire the generation of engineers, innovators, and inventors.  For more information about Play-Well TEKnologies, visit play-well.org.



A Mother’s Day Tribute in LEGO®

Every year, Mother’s Day comes around and we celebrate how awesome our moms are for the day.  Although, our mothers deserve more than one day, week, month, or even a year of our gratitude.

For all that our mothers have done for us: from cutting the corners off our bread, to driving us to far away soccer games, to volunteering to be the Girl Scout Den Leader, to listening and consoling us when we had a bad day at school, to cooling the hot cocoa before giving it to us, to catching us each time we were about to have a bad fall, to answering all of our why questions, to feeding us with a swooping airplane because we won’t eat otherwise, to doing countless loads of our laundry, to listen to our long, drawn out stories that have no end, to simply being there for us regardless of the situation and just being your awesome self, we want to thank you for all that you do.

We know that there are many kids out there that want to do something special for their mom, but may not know what to do or don’t have the funds to afford something special.

Well, in those cases, we have created this Mother’s Day Bouquet Build made out of LEGO® Bricks for kids to make for their mom on her special day.

We are encouraging kids this Mother’s Day to take something you love, such as LEGO and create a unique handmade gift for your mom.  Share what you are able to make with us and we will share it with our families around the country:

Happy Mother’s Day!

The City of Lafayette Staff Came Out To Play

On May 9th, 2017, the City of Lafayette brought together staff from their police department, economic development, firefighter core, recreation department, engineering department, and maintenance team together to connect through play.  We created a communication gap workshop where they needed to figure out how best lean on each other to accomplish a common goal.  Here are some of the highlights of the event: