How Play-Well Started

In 1997, Tim Bowen, ran a free drop-in camp at Davidson Middle School.  Kids could come in whenever they want and do whatever project they wanted.  You could take on LEGO Engineering Challenges, build scale models of cities out of LEGO, take a part VCR’s, build a bird house out of wood, launch rockets with a pneumatic tank, or have a huge water balloon fight with hand-made trebuchet catapults.  It was a free for all type camp, where as long as you were having fun and being safe, you could do whatever you’d like, as you learned about how things work.  That philosophy to this day is still the same.

2007-04-09-2023-37 Kids try to beat the LEGO Engineering challenge, which includes many obstacle courses.2007-04-09-2028-51 Marco, our first ever Play-Well employee, who still works today as the Materials manager oversees a battle bot challenge. The President’s daughter, who is now in her 20’s is in the middle of the melee.2007-04-09-2055-17 Kids could build futuristic cities, including monorails and skyscrapers.2007-04-09-2058-14 Our first of many bridges that we have built over the years.2007-04-09-2111-40 All types of construction were available at this camp.2007-04-09-2113-59 Launching rockets with pneumatic tanks.2007-04-09-2118-49 Tim Bowen’s first official Play-Well photo.

2007-04-09-2033-23 2007-04-09-2103-37

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