Winners of our latest Facebook contest announced!

For most of September Play-Well has been running a contest on Facebook where our amazing fans can tell us why they think it is so important to introduce engineering to kids at a young age. We received so many amazing answers and in the end could not pick just one winner – so, we picked 3!

Below are each of the winners with their outstanding answers to our questions!

Angelo O: “Children are inherently curious and want to know how things work. By introducing the concepts of engineering early to kids, they can answer their questions on how things work. I think it is best to help them work out the answer on their own through simplified examples and hands-on building a model. This allows the child to experiment with different options such as size, shape, distance, force, etc. so that they will learn much more than a verbal response. Young children are not typically aware of engineering jobs, so introducing the concepts to them early provides them another possibility to consider along with fireman, policeman, and my son’s goal of being a paleontologist. I believe engineering concepts can be introduced early through hands on experiments and contests and gives them something to consider growing up to be.” – Lake Forest, CA

Megan A: “I think it’s important to introduce kids to engineering at an early age because they love building things and don’t even realize that they’re getting a great foundation for mathematics, engineering, architecture, and computer science. These fields can open the door to many great opportunities. Teaching them that engineering and math are fun and cool at an early age gives them a great head start.” – Children’s Day School of Wilton, CT

Joan T: “Kids of all ages learn best through hands-on experience and exploration. Engage their curiosity and creativity at a young age and you have the foundation for imaginative, analytical thinkers. From there, anything is possible! The journey can begin with just a few LEGOS…” – Reed Academy, Framingham, MA

Thank you to everyone who entered as we loved all of your answers! And congratulations again to our winners!

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