We Built Skyscrapers At The National Building Museum!

On April 14th, we collaborated with the National Building Museum (NBM) in Washington D.C. to run a Unbuilt LEGO Washington workshop.  Check out the Unbuilt Washington Skyscraper that our students built, which was over 21 Ft. Tall!

Here is what Joanne Seelig, the NBM Family Programs Manager had to say about the event:

 “Unbuilt Washington is all about the projects and ideas for new buildings, monuments, bridges and other structures in DC that never came to be built.  I love the creativity involved when youth build with Legos and was excited to learn about Play-Well and the connections they draw between STEM  and Legos.   It seemed like a perfect match because Play-Well is known for their great skyscraper activity and one thing DC definitely doesn’t have is skyscrapers. This activity was perfect in terms of getting both kids and adults engaged, creatively thinking, and working together. The Play-well Team is full of energy, knowledge and very hands-on.  The National Building Museum can’t wait to invite them back for another workshop in the future!” 

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