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Some of the most inspiring moments in our classes are when our engineering students are able to make their vision become a reality.  Here is an example of a 8-year-old engineering student of ours in Connecticut.  We asked him to come up with an idea for a brand new contraption and then actualize his idea.  Here are the steps we asked him and his class to do:

1. Create an engineering drawing of his design idea.

2. Identify the pieces he would need to complete the project and determine if he had enough materials to build it.

3. Determine the length of time it would take for him to complete it, as certain time constraints existed in class.

4. Make adjustments during the build process based on the materials he had, the time allotted, and any functionality issues that he discovered.

Whenever our students run into problems with their projects, a building motto (coined from Founder of Ideo, David Kelley) we teach them is: Fail Faster, Succeed Sooner.

In the end, this is what this 8-year-old engineering student came up with.

Engineer Drawing Of His Idea

Actualizing His Idea

Vertical Conveyor Belt Addition


If your child has created a really cool LEGO project at home, post it on our Play-Well Facebook Page, for other young engineers to inspired by.  At the end of May, we will gather them all together to share.  Here are the details to post:

1. Have your young engineer take a picture of his/her project.  If they’d like to create a drawing of it first to help them through the idea process, even better.

2. Upload the pictures on our Play-Well Facebook Page.

3. In the description of the picture, have them explain what they love most about their project and what they learned building it.

4. Celebrate their accomplishment!

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