An Instructor’s Perspective On Working For Play-Well

A few of our Play-Well staff teaching and students celebrating their accomplishments.

A few of our Play-Well staff teaching and students celebrating their accomplishments.

One of our instructors, who needed to step away from her role as a LEGO Engineering Instructor with Play-Well TEKnologies wrote us a letter, as she was leaving explaining her time with Play-Well.  It encompasses what many of us feel when we are teaching our Engineering with LEGO classes and the impact we have on students in our classes.

“As my time with Play-Well TEKnologies has come to an end, I have taken a moment to reflect upon my experiences with this amazing company.  I wanted to extend a line of communication to express my gratitude for being given such an incredible opportunity.  I’ve learned how to become a better teacher, better engineer, and more importantly, I’ve remembered what it’s like to be a kid again.  As an engineer by trade, I was becoming bored and worried that I wasn’t going to grow further within my field.  Within Play-Well, I was given a unique chance to see engineering through a child’s eyes again and it helped me shatter the glass box that we, as socialized humans, put ourselves in as we are told that “no, that isn’t possible” and “no, that doesn’t work” over and over again throughout our lives.   It feels good to believe in the possibility of our ideas creating the rules and not the other way around.

I would like to leave you with this last story. A student, Levy, I had multiple times over the school year and once over the summer took the time to write me a letter for my last day of work.  In his own endearing seven-year old words, he thanked me.  He thanked me for making his passion of science “socially acceptable” and “cool”.  He said he had made more friends in school this past year by sharing what he learned in class with other kids because it wasn’t just science or math or engineering anymore.  It was Lego; a universal understanding between people of all ages.  So, I would like to pass along his thanks to you.  Without Play-Well, Levy and the students like Levy wouldn’t have the outlet they need to express and understand themselves. 

If I have to leave this company, as I do to help provide for my family, that was most likely the best way I could have ended it.  Working for Play-Well is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life and I couldn’t thank you enough.   I wish you all the best.


Tina B.

If you’d like more information about working for Play-Well TEKnologies, visit our Play-Well Jobs Page.

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