How Is Play-Well Different From Other LEGO Programs?

Parents ask us from time to time, how are we different from any other LEGO program? Great question. We created a video to explain how we are unique. Find out more information about our Play-Well Engineering with LEGO Programs here:

For more information about Play-Well TEKnologies, visit:

One thought on “How Is Play-Well Different From Other LEGO Programs?

  1. Janice B Carmichael says:

    Hello, My grandson Seton Carmichael did a program a couple of summers back in Enfield, CT if I recall when he lived with his mom. He now lives with his dad and me (Gamma). We are interested in the early July Engineering program but with a couple of questions and comments. Seton is a 6th grader, age 11, with an engineer’s brain. He has been building with legos and all other types of building games since age two. He is currently working a Math Project using marshmellows, his idea, and toothpicks, to demonstrate a number of two dimensional and three dimensional figures, which he has to measure area, volume and I can’t remember but lots of things to do, including a diagram on graph paper of his very three dimensional project. When he took the program a couple of summers ago, they moved him into the robot building sessions the first day as he simply finished his project in a few minutes. Then he built robots. Would this summer’s program prove challenging or not is my first question???? Second is, if it is not, then is there another program he should join?

    On another note, I take classes at the Westfield Creative Arts Center, an art gallery and teaching facility in downtown Westfield Ma. The teaching center is a non profit under the art gallery. WE are trying to attract kids to the arts and it occured to me that perhaps your program might be a really attractive one to offer at the Center. I know that Westfield State University, the actual sponsor of the Gallery, did do Lego programs in the summers before. I was the director of the unit that oversaw the summer Kids program. Are you still planning on doing that? is there any way the gallery might be used, and the Creative Arts Center work some financial arrangement out with your company re the profits? or is the Community based program an underwritten program? Doubt it, but love to know.

    My name is Janice B Carmichael, at 413 348 7872. Love to learn more on all accounts.

    Thanks, and your great.


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