PRESS ADVISORY: Creating a safe space for kids with LEGO

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WHERE: Seven Trees Community Center – Address: 3590 Cas Dr, San Jose, CA 95111

WHY:  With the recent shooting of young father Eric Mendoza of East San Jose, who simply was moving his car for street sweeping, violent crime in East San Jose has become a major issue.  People increasingly feel that it is unsafe for kids to be out on the street.  A local resident, Peter Jung, created a community based program called the Guiding Light Project, whose goal is to provide a safe space for kids in East San Jose to get their homework done and be able to play. The Guiding Light Project is now partnering with Play-Well Outreach this Saturday to provide an Engineering with LEGO workshop for kids in East San Jose.  It is completely free for them and they get the opportunity to play with over 20,000 pieces of LEGO and just be kids.  Over 60 kids from around East San Jose are expected to attend.  The goals are simple: provide a safe space for these kids to play, learn about engineering, and have families still connect as a community.

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For more information about the event, Ripple Leung at (408) 794-1690 or at

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