Why is it important to introduce engineering to children at a young age?

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We love to introduce kids to engineering using LEGO.  We feel honored to teach over 90,000 kids a year about engineering.  So this year, as part of our Spring Raffle, we decided to ask the question:

Why do you believe it is important to introduce engineering to children at a young age?

By participating, you could win a Play-Well Engineering with LEGO Birthday Party, a custom-made LEGO Bow Tie, or a LEGO Motor Kit.  Simply follow the instructors below to enter.  We will pick a few winners at random and share all of the great answers to this question.  Sign up on Facebook here: http://bit.ly/WhyisEngineeringImportantToTeachToKids or here: Play-Well End of The School Year Giveaway.

We hope you can join us for our Play-Well Engineering with LEGO Camps this summer.  You can find a location near you HERE.

5 thoughts on “Why is it important to introduce engineering to children at a young age?

  1. Rachael says:

    Young minds need to be challenged and find success in building something that can move/do something that they are responsible for. Lego has turned into so many Themed projects that I think it is important for young minds to be exposed to “FreeStyle” Lego building.

  2. Jacki says:

    Engineering is a great thing to teach at an early age to get kids interested, and you never know where they may go from starting with something as small as a Lego building project!

  3. Julie Smith says:

    My son will learn important skills that will benefit him throughout his life all while playing with awesome toys & fun themes like Star Wars! He is so excited to go to camp for the first time this year. It is helping him to be more independent & to trust that he can come up with his own answer with out depending on mom & dad.

  4. Pam Rima says:

    Kids need to use their imagination and creative in order for it to flourish. Building with Legos not only provided them the opportunity to do with but it encourages problem solving and thinking outside the box. Being able to design and build a structure – as well as making mistakes while doing it – helps kids learn how to think about a problem and it’s solution which translates to future success in education and any given field of study.

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