Proof That LEGO Can Be Therapeutic

Once in a while, we are reminded about how LEGO can help someone cope with a tough situation. One of our Play-Well Holiday LEGO build submissions came from a boy named Chris. Here is his mom’s words about the photo.

“Wanted to include this image of what my son Chris made last night. His grandfather suffered a brain stem stroke and has been in hospital over the holidays. It has been a very trying time for all. Despite this, Chris managed to recreate his grandfathers hospital bed and iv stand etc in LEGO. His gpa is moving to rehab today and continues to improve. Thought I would share as it is a significant message that there are kids are also having a difficult times through the holidays and they cope using LEGO.” 

Chris and his Grand Father

The family is now raising funds to pay for their Grand Father’s surgery.  For more info or if you’d like to help, visit:

Thanks Chris’ Mom for sharing.

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