Boulder Public Library’s Introduce A Child To Engineering Day

On Saturday, February 21st, we teamed up with Boulder Public Library and local residents to build the city of Boulder out of LEGO.

Over 600 people came out to help build Boulder and learn about the world of engineering using LEGO.

The city of Boulder put together a video of the event.

We also were featured on the local Colorado TV Station, Channel 9 News.

Check out the pictures from Introduce A Kid To Engineering Day below.

Colorado Mountaineers Stadium

The Colorado Buffalo Stadium complete with clouds in the background and the LEGO guys running the Buffalo on the field.


Gondola area

The gondola room where vehicles traverse up to the mountains of Boulder with the help of the young drivers.


Mountains of Boulder

The Rocky Mountains built out of LEGO. Snow and clouds cover the mountain.



Our awesome volunteers getting prepped for the event. We had over 30 volunteers come help us out at the Boulder Library.


Building 1

Families hard at work on the city of Boulder.

Building 2

That building is coming along nicely. Almost ready to add.

Building 3

The buildings and houses are beginning to surround the mountain. It is only going to get bigger.

Building 4

These kids are excited to see the city of boulder complete.

Building 5

We are almost there.

Building 6

Here it is. Countless amount of houses, buildings, stadiums, and towers to make up the City of Boulder. Awesome job!





Building 7

Here is another angle on all of the creations. Amazing work.

Boulder Public Library Pic3

Building 8

Before our staff had to take them apart, we took one last photo. Such a fun day. We want to thank the Boulder Public Library for having us and all the people that came out to help make this day awesome. Thanks so much!


It was an awesome event that we hope inspired more kids to get into STEM-related fields in the future. For everyone that came out to this event, thanks for coming.  If you’d like to run an event like this with us, visit our Special Events page for more information.

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