Millennials & Professionals Collaborate with LEGO

On April 9th, Lisa Chiapetta, a professor at Dominican University and Play-Well TEKnologies collaborated on a LEGO team building event at Play-Well Marin. Professor Chiapetta brought her Dominican University students together with working professionals in the Marin area to explore how they communicate, delegate, and lead.  Lisa introduced some principles of LEGO Serious Play and then with Play-Well, they conducted various LEGO challenges.  Lisa and Play-Well agree that play is a great way to learn about yourself, how you work with others, and how to determine your values.  Here are some pictures from the event:




Sean earned a LEGO Bow Tie for one of our challenges.


Ideas are percolating at the workshop.


Some of the creativity and designs made were phenomenal, especially for many who haven’t played with LEGO in a while.


Collaboration and brainstorming in progress.


Their creation works!

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