LEGO Engineers Invade New York Financial District’s South Street Seaport

FiDi Families and Play-Well TEKnologiesc collaborated together to create a Play-Well Engineering with LEGO workshop at the South Street Seaport in the New York Financial District on Friday, August 14th, 2015 for families in the neighborhood.  Here is a video that captured the awesomeness of the event:

Check out some of the pictures that were tweeted about the FiDi Families Play-Well Event:

Fidi Families 1

Our LEGO Manhattan Bridge can withstand the pressure provide by this young structural engineer. (Picture Source:

Fidi Families 3

sofamilyonlineHad so much fun helping out at the @playwellteknologies @lego event in the @southstreetseaport. Great event @fidifamilies. (Picture Source:


Fidi Families 4

eunicekindredWinter had a great time at the Lego workshop presented by @fidifamilies @playwellteknologies @lego – it’s never too early to get girls interested in building and engineering! @sofamilyonline #cannonswalk @southstreetseaport #winterjosefina (Picture Source:


Fidi Families 5

sofamilyonlineCheck out this amazing bridge created by @playwellteknologies at today’s event in @southstreetseaport. Absolutely amazing. The kids loved it! @Lego building rocks! #citykids #kidsevents #fidifamilies #family #kids #familyfun #sofamily #sofamilyonline @fidifamilies #LEGOS #LegoFun (Picture Source:


Fidi Families 6

RT @FiDiFamilies: Even the little ones are loving the lego @PlayWell_TEK build event. Thx to @TheSeaport (Picture Source:


Fidi Families 7

RT @FiDiFamilies: Amazing turnout for @PlayWell_TEK lego event @TheSeaport in Front Street #c#CannonsWalk Come play! (Picture Source:

Visit Play-Well Special Events page, if you’d like to run a workshop in your area.


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