Building a Google Sign Made Out of LEGO Minifigures & a GoPlae Shoe at Google HQ

On Saturday, August 22nd, 2015, we participated in Walk-for-Wishes, a benefit for Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area Foundation. Red Tricycle San Francisco GoPLAE hosted the event and we helped families build a massive LEGO Minifigure Google Sign and a replica of a GoPlae Shoe for the event.


We are going to need a lot of LEGO Minifigures today to build this LEGO Minifigure Google Sign.



And the building of the Google Sign has begun.


That G is coming along nicely.


Over 500 people attended the Walk For Wishes event and there was so many great things to do after the walk.

Google 1

At the same time that we are building the Google Sign, we are also making a LEGO GoPlae Shoe.


A few hours later, we have made tons of progress.

Google 2

Almost done with the GoPlae Shoe.



Google 3

The GoPlae Shoe is complete. On to the Google Sign.

Google 4

The San Francisco Giants Mascot stopped by our Google Sign build.


We are getting close to being done. Just need to add a few moreLEGO Minifigures.





Made up of over 300 LEGO Minifigures.



Here is the Play-Well team that helped make it happen. Wrenn, Hawaii Manager Marco, Our Play-Well LEGO Designer Alon, Santa Cruz Instructor Erik Olson, East Bay District Manager Thanks everyone that came out for this great event!

If you’d like us to provide a LEGO live build in your area, visit our Play-Well Special Events page for details or request more information here.

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