Play-Well Staff Acting Like Themselves at Summer Kick-offs

Before the start of our summer camp season each year, we gather all of our staff in the area for our Summer Kickoff events!  At each of these events, we share lessons learned, stories of class, build a lot of cool LEGO projects, and of course, act ridiculous.  This year we did a special photo challenge between all of our kick-offs. Each area created their most   ridiculous staff photo(s) from their Summer Kickoff.  They could submit multiple if they choose to. You can help us decide which one is the best by voting for your favorite one. Here are three ways to vote:

#1. Please leave a comment below stating which area photo(s) you liked the most

#2. If you have a Facebook Page, go to the Play-Well Summer Kick-Off Gallery here and like your favorite photo(s)

  • If you don’t have a Facebook Page, get your friends to vote for you

#3. Tweet your favorite choice @PlayWell_TEK

Voting will end on Friday, August 12th, 2016.

Here is a video of our fun, ridiculous staff during their summer kick-offs:

Enjoy the ridiculous photos below:

 Colorado/Utah/Kansas Staff Photos

hold brick




play with us


when it rains it gears

Play-Well Arizona Staff


Play-Well Northern California Staff

Play-Well Nor Cal - Marin


Play-Well Southern California Staff

LA Staff

Play-Well Chicago/Wisconsin Staff


Play-Well Texas Staff


Play-Well North Carolina/Georgia Staff

Atlanta:NC Staff

Play-Well Washington/Oregon Team (Picture in Storybook form)

You can read the story in PDF Form Here: Play-Well Seattle Story Book

Play-Well Massachusetts Staff

Play-Well Mass

Play-Well Connecticut Staff

Connecticut Kick-Off

Play-Well New York/New Jersey Staff


Play-Well Virginia/Maryland/DC Staff


Which one is your favorite?

Write your favorite in the comment.

19 thoughts on “Play-Well Staff Acting Like Themselves at Summer Kick-offs

    • Raoul Santiago says:

      Colorado/Utah/Kansas Staff Photos
      Snowing Gears. To be honest, there really were gears falling from the sky it was crazy!

  1. Joe says:

    Awesome job everyone! however i will have to say that the Play-Well (Portland) Seattle staff brought their A game… look at the work that went into that… everyone else just photoshopped or gif’ed their denim mafia photos… lol

  2. Maddy says:

    Tim, your prom picture from NY/NJ is on point! My vote is for raw silliness, none of these photo-shop/gif, short-cuts. MA/RI/NH or Chicago (obviously) FTW!!!!

  3. David Kane says:

    Wow I really like all of these photos, you guys are awesome! The Washington & Oregon story however is hilarious and well thought out. In particular I like the part in the story where everyone needs to go to the bathroom, great picture expression.

  4. Ian Phillips says:

    As much as I am digging NC and GA’s gun show, my vote is obviously going to be for the DC/MD/VA photo! It’s obvious some time went into that one 😉

  5. Brandon says:

    Creativity abound. Play-Well Washington/Oregon Team clearly takes the cake, but Play-Well Virginia/Maryland/DC Staffis are a solid runner up.

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