If You Had 1 Million LEGO® Pieces What Would You Build?

One of our biggest goals at Play-Well is to connect people via play! We create giant builds and break world records using hundreds of thousands of LEGO® materials. We want to know, what would you build if you had 1 million LEGO® pieces?

Post your answer on our Facebook page, twitter or instagram. You can also email us your ideas at jessi@play-well.org.

Check out some of our world record builds:


One thought on “If You Had 1 Million LEGO® Pieces What Would You Build?

  1. Sheri Sharkey says:

    The town of Salem NH just removed a long time landmark that was in disrepair.

    Rockingham Park built in 1906, in the small New Hampshire village of Salem Depot was billed to be the finest racecourse in the world.

    After a decade of disrepair it was finally taken down to create a new village style shopping and living area by (Joe Faro of Tuscan Brands. It sounds like it is going to be a real center piece for Salem.

    It would be amazing to have a tiny Lego version of what used to be here for the children to learn about our history and guests to enjoy in the new space.

    I am an artist in Salem NH and would love to see some horse related art works integrated into the new space. I put a link to a site I found with images showing the old park.

    Thanks you for your consideration
    Miss Sheri

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