If You Had 1 Million LEGO® Pieces What Would You Build?

One of our biggest goals at Play-Well is to connect people via play! We create giant builds and break world records using hundreds of thousands of LEGO® materials. We want to know, what would you build if you had 1 million LEGO® pieces?

Post your answer on our Facebook page, twitter or instagram. You can also email us your ideas at jessi@play-well.org.

Check out some of our world record builds:


May the 4th Be With You Build Challenge

Attention Star Wars fans and LEGO enthusiasts!

Today is a very special day! IT’S STAR WARS DAY! HOORAY! To celebrate we’re hosting a May the 4th Be With You Build Challenge. Show us your best LEGO Star Wars creation and you might win a Star Wars Rey’s Speeder LEGO set!

Show us your best Star Wars build!

Show us your best Star Wars build!

To enter, take a photo of your best Star Wars LEGO build and post it on our social media with the hashtags #maythe4thbuild and #playwell. You have until 8pm EST on Friday May 6th. We’ll announce the winner on Monday May 9th! Whoever has the most EPIC LEGO build will win their very own Rey Speeder kit!

You could win this!

You could win this!

Good luck and May the Force Be With You!

Building The World’s Longest LEGO Bridge in Tempe

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.56.11 AM

On Saturday, March 19th, Play-Well TEKnologies and the City of Tempe will collaborate with families in the community to build a replica of the Tempe Old Mill Avenue Bridge out of LEGO.

We are hoping to build a 200-Foot Long LEGO bridge and we will need your help in order to do it. Come learn about various types of bridge architecture, play with LEGO, and be a part of one of the longest LEGO bridges ever made in the state of Arizona, maybe even the country. The best part about it is the event is free.

There are two separate time slots to register:

  • 10 AM – 12 PM
  •  12 PM – 2 PM

Click HERE To Register!

This event will be held at Tempe Public Library.

Feel free to share this with family and friends. Be sure to sign up fast though, as we only have so many slots available.

Play-Well has broken a World Record in the past for the World’s Longest LEGO Chain. Check out the video below.

For more information about Play-Well’s Engineering with LEGO Summer Camps, click HERE.


Super Bowl 50: LEGO Bow Tie Competition

Winners Announced! 

A big congrats to the winners of our Super Bowl 50 Bow Tie Competition! Thanks for playing!

For the Carolina PanthersAarthi Natarajan

For the Denver BroncosEric J Carpio & Travis Archuleta

Bank of America stadium Charlotte. Love that Santa is on the field!

Bank of America stadium Charlotte. Love that Santa is on the field. This was constructed by Aarthi Natarajan’s 6 year old son.


Broncos Pride!

Broncos Pride from Eric J Carpio.

Nice Broncos logo from Travis Archuleta‎!

Nice Broncos logo from Travis Archuleta‎!

Hi Panthers and Broncos Fans!

In honor of the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos making it to Super Bowl 50, we are giving away LEGO Bow Ties to 2 fans of each team as part of our Super Bowl LEGO Bow Tie Contest!  If you win, you will be one of the few fans in the country that has a LEGO Bow Tie of your team.

Check out these amazing Bow Ties!

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos


Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers

How can you win your own Panthers or Broncos LEGO bow tie?

Here is how to participate:

  1. Like Our Play-Well Facebook Page.
  2. Post a picture showing how much you love your team using LEGO on our Play-Well Facebook Page .
    • Don’t have a Facebook Page? No problem.  Just email your photo to jessi@play-well.org and we will post it.

Here are examples of what you could build:

Denver & Seattle Submissions 2014Denver 2

A Broncos stadium!

This is a rad Broncos stadium made by architect, Craig Krawczyk.

Woah, now this is incredible!

Woah, now this is an incredible piece done by master builder, Erik Varszegi. http://pnth.rs/RfaGEZ


These are fantastic examples from some very talented builders and we hope they spark your creative genius! Show us what you’ve got and represent your team! You might just win yourself a snazzy LEGO bowtie to wear while you celebrate! We’ll announce our winners next Monday, February 8th!


















Tower of Power: Play-Well’s 1st Build Challenge

We had a ton of fantastic submissions for the #TowerofPower Build Challenge! We couldn’t pick just one winner so we’ve decided to choose four lucky contestants! Congrats to the winners and a BIG thank you to everyone that participated.

Want to know our next challenge?! It’s time for some friendly Super Bowl competition! Find out more here and maybe you’ll win a special LEGO bowtie in the colors of your team!


Our winners for Tower of Power are:


Sasha Horst 

Love those shocked faces!

Love those shocked faces!

Austin J. Auriemma
Good work class!

Good work class!

Sir. Devin Scooter Hall 

Woah. That's a lot of building and LEGO!!

Woah. That’s a lot of building and LEGO!!

Zeb Howell
Excellent use of stairs!

Excellent use of stairs!




Can you build a LEGO tower? How about a gigantic, colorful, creative one? For the week of January 20th-January 27th we are challenging you to build your biggest and best LEGO tower. Then post a photo of your creation here or on social media! We’ll choose one winner who will receive one of our custom LEGO bow ties! Good Luck!


LEGO Bow Tie Guy

Win a LEGO Bow Tie!

You choose the color!

You choose the color!