Play-Well’s Halloween Costume Contest

Each year, we are amazed by the creativity of some of the Halloween costumes that we see from our students and their parents.  Check out this costume submitted by a parent last year.

LEGO Halloween 2

How we play well on Halloween:

This year, we wanted to celebrate that creativity by having a Halloween Costume Contest.  Post your Halloween costume on our Twitter Page, Facebook Page, or email it to, and you could possibly win a Play-Well Halloween LEGO Bow Tie or LEGO Monsters Set.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.18.51 AM

Have a safe, fun, candy-filled Halloween!


Why is it important to introduce engineering to children at a young age?

Natural Engineers
We love to introduce kids to engineering using LEGO.  We feel honored to teach over 90,000 kids a year about engineering.  So this year, as part of our Spring Raffle, we decided to ask the question:

Why do you believe it is important to introduce engineering to children at a young age?

By participating, you could win a Play-Well Engineering with LEGO Birthday Party, a custom-made LEGO Bow Tie, or a LEGO Motor Kit.  Simply follow the instructors below to enter.  We will pick a few winners at random and share all of the great answers to this question.  Sign up on Facebook here: or here: Play-Well End of The School Year Giveaway.

We hope you can join us for our Play-Well Engineering with LEGO Camps this summer.  You can find a location near you HERE.

Super Bowl LEGO Bow Tie Contest

Hi Seahawks and Broncos Fans,

In honor of the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos making it to Super Bowl XLVIII, we are giving away LEGO Bow Ties to 2 fans of each team as part of our Super Bowl LEGO Bow Tie Contest.  If you win, you will be one of the few fans in the country that has a LEGO Bow Tie of your team.  Here are the LEGO bow ties we are giving away.

Super Bowl LEGO Bow Ties Vs

12th Man LEGO Bow Tie Vs. Denver Broncos LEGO Bow Tie

In order to win a LEGO Bow Tie, here is how to participate.

  1. Like Our Play-Well Facebook Page.
  2. Post a picture showing how much you love your team using LEGO on our Play-Well Facebook Page .
    • Don’t have a Facebook Page? No problem.  Just email your photo to and we will post it.

Here are examples of what you could build:

Seahawks Broncos Examples

LEGO Seahawks Photo Source:
LEGO Broncos Photo Source:

Other ideas include:

  • 12th Man or Broncos Sign in LEGO
  • Your team scoring the winning touchdown in LEGO
  • Russell Wilson or Peyton Manning in LEGO

Be as creative as you want. We will pick the two most creative photos for each team as the winner and announce it Super Bowl Sunday after the game.  So, whether your team wins or loses on Sunday, you could still win.


When is the deadline to enter?

Photos can be submitted up until the kick-off of the Super  Bowl.

When and how will you pick the winner?

We will pick the winner at the end of the Super Bowl.  We will choose the most creative, off-the-wall fan photo that incorporates LEGO.  If it is a tie between more than two winners, we may give another LEGO Bow Tie away.

What if my team is not in the Super Bowl?  Can I still participate?

Absolutely! We will be giving one additional LEGO Bow Tie to a fan of a team not in the Super Bowl.

If you have any additional questions about the contest, email

To get started, click HERE to like our Play-Well Facebook Page and start taking photos.

Good luck on Sunday!

For more information about Play-Well Engineering with LEGO Program, visit

The Winners Of Our Play-Well Summer Photo Contest Are…

Our Play-Well Summer Photo Contest has finally come to an end.  We had so much fun seeing all the creative entries submitted this summer.  All of the entries were great in their own right.  We asked you to vote for your favorites and here are the results.

Elena, Play-Well In Sign Language

1st Place with 108 Votes: Elena, Play-Well In Sign Language

2nd Place: Katy, Play-Well LEGO Heads and  Star Wars Transport

2nd Place with 106 Votes: Katy from Connecticut, Play-Well LEGO Heads and Star Wars Transport

3rd Place: Tomoe, Play Well Shadow

3rd Place with 96 Votes: Tomoe from Seattle, Play Well Shadow

Play-Well Staff's Pick: Amy, Human Play Well Sign

Play-Well Staff’s Pick: Amy from Los Angeles, Human Play Well Sign

Check out all the awesome photo entries here:

Thanks so much for participating!  Like our Play-Well Facebook Page to find out about our next Play-Well LEGO contest.

Play-Well Summer 2013 Photo Contest

Summer Photo Contest

Hi Play-Well Families,

After our successful photo contest last summer, The Brick Stanley Project, we have decided to do a new summer photo contest this year.  For this contest, we are asking our families to take a picture of the words PLAY WELL, spelled out in a creative, unique, slightly ridiculous way.  We see “Play Well” as not only our name, but also our philosophy on how our organization works.  When our engineering students are playing well in class, they are solving problems, exploring the world, and learning about themselves through play.  When our staff is playing well, they are having more fun than they have had at any other job.  So, we wanted to spread the message of playing well and here is how we are going to do it:

Summer Photo Contest 2

Here are some examples of photos already submitted:

Play-Well Sign Example 1

Carter & Rogan Schmidbauer, Phoenix, AZ

Play-Well Sun

Play-Well Example 1

Brandon Jones, Kirkland, WA

Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

Play-Well Example #2

Lester Mendaros, Pleasanton, CA

Play-Well Beach

Ben Pfister, Ventura, CA

When you have taken your photo, you can submit it in the following ways:

Check out our current submissions here:

You can even submit more than one photo if you’d like.  We will gather all the photos from the contest and in August, we will  have our Play-Well Families vote for their favorite photo.  The top three winners could win a Engineering with LEGO® Birthday Party, a LEGO® Technic Set, or  LEGO® Bow Tie.  All photos will be included in our upcoming video, so everyone wins.  Voting ends at 11:59 PM on Labor Day, September 2nd.  We hope you enter the contest.  If you have any questions, email Jeff at


Play-Well Mother’s Day LEGO Giveaway

LEGO Raffle Photo 3


Happy Mother’s Day!  We wanted to tell all the awesome moms we know, thank you for what you do.  To celebrate the day, we decided to have a Play-Well Mother’s Day LEGO Raffle.  Your family could win a Play-Well LEGO Engineering Birthday Party, a LEGO Iron Man Set, or a LEGO Bow Tie.  Click the link below to participate in this free raffle:

Play-Well End of The School Year Rafflecopter Giveaway

We hope you can join us this summer!

Click HERE to find a Play-Well LEGO Engineering Camp Near You!

Play-Well Engineering w/LEGO Party & Swoop Bag Giveaway

We are collaborating with Swoop Bags to give away a 
Play-Well Engineering w/LEGO Birthday Party (Value: $300.00) and two Swoop Bags (Value: $96.00).

Details: Enter to win a Play-Well Engineering w/LEGO® Birthday Party (Value $300) PLUS two Swoop bags (Value $96). Expires 8/12/12

Who is Play-Well TEKnologies?
Play-Well TEKnologies provides project-based programs designed to teach the principles and methods of engineering to children, ages 5 – 14, using LEGO®. Play-Well has been growing future engineers since 1997.

What’s a Swoop Bag?
Swoop bags are the ultimate modern TOY STORAGE BAG + PLAYMAT in one. 


Here Are The Winners Of Our Brick Stanley Project!

At the beginning of February, we started a contest call the Brick Stanley Project, asking people to travel around  with a LEGO mini-figure named Brick Stanley.See the Brick Stanley Project here.

We had entries from all over: Italy, Patagonia, New York, Arizona, Connecticut, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington, Thailand, and New York.  With so many great entries, we couldn’t decide on just one, so we picked these Brick Stanley Project Participants as the winners (listed in no particular order):

  • Michael Olmsted Weinmayr
  • Michelle Pratt Stanzione
  • Lisa Tartamella Kimmel
  • Christina Jimenez
  • Daniel Satterthwaite
  • Brandon Jones
  • Linda Fitzjarrell
  • Crystal Blair

All entries listed here will receive a winning LEGO Mini-figure prize.

The way we are going to choose the grand prize is have people decide on Facebook which image they like the best.

Check out all of the Brick Stanley Winning Entries Here!

Like the image that you think is awesome and the entry with the most likes by May 1st will receive the grand prize (Play-Well LEGO Engineering Party). We have removed names of the entries, so you can decide just on the image.

Thanks so much for participating in the Brick Stanley Project.  It was so much fun, we will do it again soon!


ANNOUNCING OUR GRAND PRIZE WINNER chosen by Play-Well’s Facebook Fans:

Michelle Pratt Stanzione

We also added an additional prize for most creative submission.

Michael Olmsted Weinmayr

Great backstory about this picture.  “Our son designed the tiger using LEGO Digital Designer, then we ordered it through LEGO because we didn’t have nearly enough orange bricks to make it ourselves. LDD is a very cool and professional-looking service, they even make a pictographic step-by-step construction guide for your creation.”

Congratulations Winners!