Our Annual Play-Well Halloween Costume Contest

We’re celebrating our favorite holiday with our annual costume contest! We’re so excited for our fourth year of Play-Well Halloween! Send us a photo of your child’s LEGO related costume or any cool costume that you and your child created to be entered to win our grand prize of a LEGO Creator Modular Poolside Holiday set!! One lucky winner will receive a LEGO kit, and four submissions will be randomly selected to receive a custom Play-Well Bow Tie!

Post your Halloween costume on our Twitter PageFacebook Page, tag us on Instagram or email a photo to jessi@play-well.org. Good luck! Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Check out some of the fantastic costumes from our past Play-Well Halloween costume contests.






Happy 4th of July

We’ve put together this blog post of fun 4th of July builds! Celebrate Independence Day with LEGO! Create a moving LEGO flag, a firework, an American wreath and more! We hope you enjoy these builds and the holiday.


Play-Well at the Rocky Mountain Youth Development Conference

Last week members of our Colorado crew presented a new workshop to 34 youth development staff (mostly Boys & Girls club staff) at the Rocky Mountain Youth Development Conference. The program was called: Celebrate failure when you reach for the sky: Hands-on STEM learning to build resilience.- Play-Well TEKnologies 
The program lead participants through a playful building process using LEGO that highlighted the critical role of failing in science, engineering and life. Using a classroom-tested exercises they explored how to intentionally guarantee failure in a non-threatening way to allow youth to develop a positive relationship with failure. They used their building activity to demonstrate how to weave life metaphors and broader lessons into STEM lessons and STEM play.

Tower of Power: Play-Well’s 1st Build Challenge

We had a ton of fantastic submissions for the #TowerofPower Build Challenge! We couldn’t pick just one winner so we’ve decided to choose four lucky contestants! Congrats to the winners and a BIG thank you to everyone that participated.

Want to know our next challenge?! It’s time for some friendly Super Bowl competition! Find out more here and maybe you’ll win a special LEGO bowtie in the colors of your team!


Our winners for Tower of Power are:


Sasha Horst 

Love those shocked faces!

Love those shocked faces!

Austin J. Auriemma
Good work class!

Good work class!

Sir. Devin Scooter Hall 

Woah. That's a lot of building and LEGO!!

Woah. That’s a lot of building and LEGO!!

Zeb Howell
Excellent use of stairs!

Excellent use of stairs!




Can you build a LEGO tower? How about a gigantic, colorful, creative one? For the week of January 20th-January 27th we are challenging you to build your biggest and best LEGO tower. Then post a photo of your creation here or on social media! We’ll choose one winner who will receive one of our custom LEGO bow ties! Good Luck!


LEGO Bow Tie Guy

Win a LEGO Bow Tie!

You choose the color!

You choose the color!


Play Well Partners with Your Soul’s Movement Center

On Saturday December 12th Play-Well partnered with a new movement center in Stapleton, Your Soul’s Movement Center, for a LEGO Airplanes workshop.  Channeling the Wright Brothers students built airplanes, runways, and control towers.  Students experienced using motorized lego with motors and battery packs and had the opportunity to make their Airplanes unique, we had some crazy flying machines! Led by Lego Engineers Paul, Jake, and Peter students were divided into age groups and taught the basic components of the airplane as well as what lift, thrust and drag mean.
It was a snowy day in Denver but there was lots of fun to be had inside the movement center.  We can’t wait to do another workshop with this location again soon!
Check out more photos from the event and follow Your Souls’ Movement on Facebook!

Who is Under the Helmet?

In the spirit of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, we’ve started a photo series dedicated to finding out exactly who are the Storm Troopers “UNDER THE HELMET”!


He’s prepared.

Each day we will reveal another LEGO mini-fig storm trooper in order to unmask who they really are when they’re not busy viciously fighting for the Galactic Empire!

Who is this army and what makes them tick?!

AXLE, lead singer of the band, Imperial Army


We start our journey with a very special stormtrooper, Axle, the lead singer of the popular indie rock band, Imperial Army, their latest album, Death Star, sold over 50 million copies galaxy-wide (mostly to stormtroopers). Their title track, AT-AT, has received critical acclaim for its sampling of found sounds like laser blasts, over traditional rock melodies. We do have one question for you Axle…how does that mohawk fit under that helmet?

HAROLD, Career Stormtrooper


Meet Harold, he’s made a career out of Storm Trooping. Like a fine wine, Harold has gotten better with age honing in his skills and mastering his craft. What does he attribute to his long standing success as a war machine? His morning routine!  Harold starts off each day with the crossword and a hot, strong cup o joe.



Stormtrooper Starry got his nickname from his unusual hobby, LARPING or live action role play. Starry is actually a HUGE Harry Potter fan and when he’s not fighting for Darth Vader he is hanging out with his fellow LARPers in their fantasy wizard world. He loves battling elves, rescuing princesses and casting spells. It’s a magical escape from the dreary day to day of the Imperial Army.



Michael is a real gear head. He loves spending his down time fixing up his pod racer. All the troopers on his crew know where to go when they have any mechanical problems. Mike is their go-to-guy. The only thing he likes more than tuning up pods is racing them!



El Diablo Rojo is a very special storm trooper because underneath his mask is, well, another mask! He has an outstanding wrestling record and is currently the galaxy champion in his division! Many say he earned his powerful name from the copious blood shed at each of his events. The true identity of this particularly impressive trooper luchador may never be known.



Being a Storm Trooper is a rough job but Rudy is one tough cookie. She’s an expert marksman, extremely talented at hand to hand combat and she has the reflexes of a hawk. Out in the field she might be a lean mean fightin’ machine but when she comes home she’s just ‘Mom’. Rudy loves playing dress up with her two daughters, Lynne and Valor. Her kids favorite character is Rudy Raspberry, a magical fairy that leaves candy hidden in their house.



At 16, Derek has a ways to go before he can be drafted into the Imperial Army. For now he is an honorary trooper and everyones favorite pizza delivery boy. He makes sure that all the troops get the freshest, cheesiest pies delivered in record time. Derek will even throw in free breadsticks from time to time. In honor of his hard work & dedication they’ve gifted him a trooper uniform and he’s even allowed to come to free combat days to start developing his skills. Good luck, Derek!

Check back each day to see more members of Under The Helmet.

All Under The Helmet photos are the artist creation of Play-Well Instructor, Megan!