Want To Help This Child Fulfill His LEGO Dream?

We came across this amazing, passionate LEGO Builder, Bjarney Ludviksdottir. Bjarney is a child from Iceland. He has a dream of building a 6 meter LEGO scale model of his favorite ship, the Titanic.  Like a true engineer, he has done all of the measurements and come up with the schematics to build the ship, using a LEGO mini-figure to determine the scale.  He created a video to ask LEGO if he could build his model at their LEGO Factory in Denmark.

We can help Bjarney achieve his dream by simply watching this video, sharing it with our friends and family, and tagging #LEGO in it.  Please help us spread the word.  Thanks!

Our Solar Panel LEGO Project A Year Later

A year ago, we asked Voltaic Systems to help us build a solar panel that we could use for our engineering with LEGO projects.  We sent them this prototype:

And this is what they had to say.

“You know it is going to be a good day at work when you get a solar-powered Lego Car in the mail. The folks at Play-Well sent it to us after choosing to use our panels for this project (if you have children, check out Play-Well’s class locations for the best in LEGO-based engineering instruction). Here’s the video of the car cruising through our offices.”

A year later, we now have a few solar panel projects including this solar panel tank.  Thanks Voltaic Systems!  Solar Panel Tank

We will be offering a few green engineering camps this summer which include our solar panel projects.  For more information about our summer program, click here: http://bit.ly/2014PlayWellCamps

Play-Well Featured On ABC15 in Phoenix

We were recently featured on Phoenix’s ABC15, as part of the Raising Arizona Kids Camp Fair.

We will be offering Spring Break Engineering with LEGO Camps at the following locations:

Challenger Space Center – Peoria (March 10th-14th)
Power Ranch Community Center – Gilbert (March 10th-14th)
Horizon Community Center – Scottsdale (March 10th-14th)
Snedigar Recreation Center – Chandler (March 10th-14th and March 17th – 21st)

For more information on these Spring Break Camps, visit:

How Do We Train Our Instructors To Teach Kids Engineering with LEGO?

How Do We Train Our Instructors To Teach Kids Engineering with LEGO? We play!

Our instructors go through an extensive 40 – 50 hour training, learning all of our engineering curriculum and practicing how to teach complex terminology to elementary school students. We teach a large part of this though through the play, as we believe our students & instructors learn the most when they are fully present and having fun. Here is how they learned to build and conveyor belts.

For more information about Play-Well TEKnologies, visit www.play-well.org.

Crazy LEGO Ball Contraption Built By Our 3rd-5th Grade Students

Our 3rd – 5th Grade Engineering students were inspired to build this crazy LEGO Ball contraption during camp. Through much trial and failure, they were proud to finally get their ball through their entire circuit.  This camp was held at our Play-Well Ventura Activity Center.  We are constantly experimenting with new projects and taking on the challenges/ideas that kids come up with to tackle.  Nothing brings us more joy that seeing a child’s idea become a reality with hard work, creativity, and perseverance.  As we tell our students all the time, “fail faster, succeed sooner.”  And with this project they succeeded on so many levels!

For more information on our Play-Well TEKnologies program, visit www.play-well.org.