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Diet Cults. Thorne Narrator Blackstone Audio Inc. As with many religious cults the author points out that most diet cults also have a set of must and must nots that define the given cult.

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Everywhere we turn someone is preaching the One True Way to eat for maximum health. A competitive marketplace of healthy diets emerged in the nineteenth century and has been growing ever since. Fitzgerald provides a 10-item hierarchy of foods from more healthy to less healthy.

Theres a diet for everyone and many have built their rules-based system into what Matt Fitzgerald calls a diet cult Finding a healthy diet that works is actually pretty simple.

The appeal of diet cults is their power to offer a food-based identity to latch onto--yet many more of us are turned off by their arbitrary rules. Battle of the Diets. Vegetables Fruits Nuts seeds and healthy oils High quality meat and seafood Whole grains Dairy Refined grains Low quality meat and seafood Sweets Fried foods. The author notes that food has historically often been a subject of serious moral agendas and offers some of his own speculations about the ancient origins of this based on various anthropological ideas.