LEGO® Events

LEGO® Kidsfest Tour

From 2009 – 2016, we sponsored and ran the LEGO® Technic Section at LEGO® Kidsfest, the largest LEGO® Tour in the world.  The tour ended in December of 2016. Check out the video of our partnership:


LEGO Master Builder LEGO Bow Tie

LEGO Master Builder Steve sporting one of our Play-Well Bow Ties

North America AFOL LEGO® Conventions

Here is a list of the AFOL LEGO® Conventions in North America.  This is a place where some of the best adult and kid LEGO® builders in the country gather to display their work, exchange ideas, and share their passion for LEGO®.  Find out more about the AFOL world through the LEGO® Brickumentary:

There are also two touring Brick Events, called Brick Fest Live & Brick Universe.  These events are not sponsored by The LEGO Group, but they do have a lot of LEGO® materials at them.

Click HERE for a list of all LEGO® Conventions worldwide.

Here are tips for attending a LEGO Convention.