Play-Well’s LEGO Bow Tie Alumni Wall

Over the years, we have given away our Play-Well LEGO Bow Tie, either through raffles, great LEGO builds, or just because the person is simply awesome. We have compiled pictures of many of our recipients of our Play-Well LEGO Bow Ties.  LEGO Bow Tie recipients have included Kid President, the H&R Block Guy, a LEGO Master Builder, the President of the San Francisco Giants, the Hype Man for the Golden State Warriors, Stanford Neuroscientists, an Emergency Room Doctor, College Professors, preachers, teachers, writers, artists, and even musicians from around the world.  The LEGO Bow Tie has appeared at weddings, proms, conferences, LEGO Cons, the World Cup, NBA Playoff Games, and even on Facebook’s campus.  There are currently LEGO Bow Ties being worn in 5 separate continents.

We are calling the recipients of  our LEGO Bow Ties our Play-Well LEGO Bow Tie Alumni. It rhymes. If you have received a LEGO Bow or LEGO Bow Tie from us and want to be on our alumni wall, simply post your photo to our Facebook or Twitter Page . We will be adding them periodically to this page. Thanks, everyone that has submitted a picture.  Play Well!


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