Play-Well Adventure at Adobe

We were lucky enough to participate again in Adobe’s Field Trip for their families at their Utah, Seattle, and San Jose office.  There were dinosaurs, Hula dancers, gliders, clowns, and of course, we brought the LEGO.  Hopefully, we were able to inspire some future engineers in the process.

Adobe – Lehi, UT


Our booth is ready for people. We usually refer to the name though as LEGO.


Even a dinosaur had to stop by our booth at one point to check out what was happening.


Our jousting battles were in full swing. Some kids had returned from last year just to participate.


We made the Adobe logo out of LEGO. 3 ft. by 3 ft. We used it as the starting point for our Adobe campus.


One of our first additions to the Adobe Campus.


The campus is coming along. People keep adding their office to the mix.


Of course we were also racing cars.


The campus is nearly complete.

Adobe – Seattle

Adobe Life Seattle 2

At the Seattle office of Adobe, we built LEGO right under the bridge.


Adobe – San Jose, CA

Adobe Life San Jose 1

For Adobe Field Trip in San Jose, we built the frame of an Adobe sign and kids finished the build.

Adobe Life San Jose 2

We even brought a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in LEGO.

Adobe Life San Jose 3

We built a LEGO Minecraft world to go with the Adobe Sign.

Adobe Life San Jose 4

The Adobe sign is complete. Thanks for having us!


Building Future Engineers at Adobe Systems


We are ready for all the future engineers at Adobe in Lehi, UT.


Adobe 5

We take kids of all ages at these events. These two competitive Adobe employees are getting ready to battle with jousting monorails in this all-out engineering challenge.


We even got our own sign for the event at the Adobe Bring Your Kids To Work Day in San Jose, CA.


We built the Adobe campus out of LEGO, including a waterway and motorized spinning satellites.


Based on a request, we even created an Adobe Private Jet to land in our Adobe City.

If you are interested in us participating in your Bring Your Kids To Work Day Event, email Jeff at  Also, check out our Bring Your Kids To Work Day Event here.