Super Bowl LEGO Bow Tie Contest

Hi Seahawks and Broncos Fans,

In honor of the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos making it to Super Bowl XLVIII, we are giving away LEGO Bow Ties to 2 fans of each team as part of our Super Bowl LEGO Bow Tie Contest.  If you win, you will be one of the few fans in the country that has a LEGO Bow Tie of your team.  Here are the LEGO bow ties we are giving away.

Super Bowl LEGO Bow Ties Vs

12th Man LEGO Bow Tie Vs. Denver Broncos LEGO Bow Tie

In order to win a LEGO Bow Tie, here is how to participate.

  1. Like Our Play-Well Facebook Page.
  2. Post a picture showing how much you love your team using LEGO on our Play-Well Facebook Page .
    • Don’t have a Facebook Page? No problem.  Just email your photo to and we will post it.

Here are examples of what you could build:

Seahawks Broncos Examples

LEGO Seahawks Photo Source:
LEGO Broncos Photo Source:

Other ideas include:

  • 12th Man or Broncos Sign in LEGO
  • Your team scoring the winning touchdown in LEGO
  • Russell Wilson or Peyton Manning in LEGO

Be as creative as you want. We will pick the two most creative photos for each team as the winner and announce it Super Bowl Sunday after the game.  So, whether your team wins or loses on Sunday, you could still win.


When is the deadline to enter?

Photos can be submitted up until the kick-off of the Super  Bowl.

When and how will you pick the winner?

We will pick the winner at the end of the Super Bowl.  We will choose the most creative, off-the-wall fan photo that incorporates LEGO.  If it is a tie between more than two winners, we may give another LEGO Bow Tie away.

What if my team is not in the Super Bowl?  Can I still participate?

Absolutely! We will be giving one additional LEGO Bow Tie to a fan of a team not in the Super Bowl.

If you have any additional questions about the contest, email

To get started, click HERE to like our Play-Well Facebook Page and start taking photos.

Good luck on Sunday!

For more information about Play-Well Engineering with LEGO Program, visit

Playing Well at EMP Museum’s Brick Party

We were lucky enough to be a part of the EMP Museum’s Opening Night Brick Party in Seattle. It was part of the Block by Block: Inventing Amazing Architecture Exhibit by LEGO Professional Builder, Dan Parker. Some of the most noteworthy buildings in the world were on display, built in LEGO. Here is a glimpse of the EMP event from our perspective.


2 Story Movie Screen for kids to play LEGO Video games on and watch stop-motion LEGO animation.


Scale model of the largest building in the world: The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over 21,000 LEGO Pieces were needed to complete this building.


Alice Finch, who build the famous LEGO Hogwarts (, built this amazing temple that she had visited as a teacher.


Here are some of the other noteworthy buildings that we were being displayed. The Freedom Tower is in the back.



Kids all of all ages playing with LEGO at our Monorail Battletrack area.


Our conveyor belt raffle system is ready for all the EMP Museum attendees.

If you’d like us to provide an entertaining LEGO area for your upcoming event, feel free to contact us at or visit us at  Cheers!