GO (Girls Only) Engineering Day at Northglen High School

 On February 12th, Play-Well partnered with Northglen High School for their GO (Girls Only) Engineering Day. The goal of the day is to introduce high school girls to engineering positions and real world applications.  Throughout the day all female students partake in career panels, workshops and hear from guest speakers.  Play-Well ran a Engineering Challenge Bridge Challenge with a group of girls to teach about different types of bridges and how their structures differ. Girls worked in teams to build either corbeled arch bridges or truss bridges to span a 2.5ft distance between desks and be weight bearing.  The girls learned about compression and tension of trusses and how they are efficient in real bridges.  With collaboration and creativity all groups designed different bridges!

Thanks for having us Northglen! #GirlPower

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Girl Scout Troop Earns Engineering Badge with LEGO & Play-Well

Troop 753 earned their engineering badge last Tuesday! This troop is part of the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri.

Check out that friendship bridge!

Check out that friendship bridge!

We had a great time and built a friendship bridge. Each girl scout was responsible for building a portion of the supports: All together our bridge ended up being 14 creations long! When the bridge was finished, the girls got to build cars and drive them across. They learned key concepts in structural and mechanical engineering and the benefits of creating collaboratively as well as individually – all while having tons of fun!

We love empowering girls with hands-on-learning! If your troop wants to earn their engineering badge through LEGO please contact us! We can help create the perfect program.