AWS Attendees Built The Longest LEGO GBC Build Ever Done In The City Las Vegas

At AWS re:Invent 2017, we helped AWS attendees build the longest LEGO Great Ball Contraption ever done in the city of Las Vegas.  It was made up of 84 individual modules and contained over 48,000 LEGO® pieces.  We also provided a Pinewood Derby Track, where attendees could race LEGO® vehicles for prizes.  Check out what they created:

Here is the entire LEGO GBC Run

Pinewood Derby with LEGO® Materials


Crazy LEGO Ball Contraption Built By Our 3rd-5th Grade Students

Our 3rd – 5th Grade Engineering students were inspired to build this crazy LEGO Ball contraption during camp. Through much trial and failure, they were proud to finally get their ball through their entire circuit.  This camp was held at our Play-Well Ventura Activity Center.  We are constantly experimenting with new projects and taking on the challenges/ideas that kids come up with to tackle.  Nothing brings us more joy that seeing a child’s idea become a reality with hard work, creativity, and perseverance.  As we tell our students all the time, “fail faster, succeed sooner.”  And with this project they succeeded on so many levels!

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