Playing Well On Halloween!

This is how we play well on Halloween!

One of our Play-Well Staff created this elaborate setup to give kids candy for Halloween.

LEGO Halloween

One of our Play-Well students and parents were inspired to create a LEGO Halloween Costume.  They definitely went all out for this one:

LEGO Halloween 2

Need A Last Minute Halloween Costume? Build A LEGO Minifigure Costume In 30 Minutes


Did you wait till the last minute to come up with Halloween costume for yourself or your child?  No need to despair as we have been there and have had to come up with costumes on the fly ourselves.  Here is one LEGO costume that you can build in less than 30 minutes.

Build A LEGO Minifigure Head in 30 minutes


  • Lego Sort & Store (Cost $39.99.  Best part of buying it is that you can reuse the LEGO sorter after Halloween is over.)
  • Duct Tape
  • Bike Helmet (the size of the person wearing the costume)
  • Small screwdriver


  1. Open LEGO Sort & Store Package
  2. Unscrew the bottom half of the LEGO Sort & Store head
  3. Place the bike helmet in the LEGO Sort & Store head
  4. Using the duct tape, tape the bike helmet to the LEGO Sort & Store Head. Make sure the bike helmet is flush next to the LEGO Sort & Store Head.  See photos below to see how it can be applied.
  5. If the bike helmet is too loose inside of the LEGO Sort & Store Head, use newspaper/paper towels to fill in the air pockets, so the bike helmet moves less.  IMPORTANT: The bike helmet combined with the LEGO Sort & Store Head can be quite heavy on a person’s neck, so make sure they are comfortable wearing it before heading out to trick or treat.
  6. Grab an old costume for the shirt and pants and you can make a variety of new LEGO Mini figure for each year (LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Construction Man, Minecraft LEGO Guy, etc.).
  7. Go Trick or Treating with your new LEGO Costume!




Here are some other ways to build a LEGO Man Costume: