Play-Well Happy Holidays LEGO Build

Happy Holidays Card

We’d like to wish you and your family a Happy Holidays!

We encourage our students to build throughout the holidays, whether from directions from a LEGO Kit or making a new LEGO creation from their imagination.

To celebrate those awesome builds this holiday season, we are doing a online Holiday LEGO build.  Have your child submit their LEGO creation over the holidays and you are entered into our random drawing to win one of these LEGO prizes: Power Functions Accessory Kit, LEGO Car kit, or a Play-Well LEGO Bow Tie.

Here are a few ways you can submit your picture:

1. Post on Play-Well’s Facebook Page

2. Tweet to Play-Well’s Twitter Page or #playwell in your photo

3. Email the picture to

Please include the builder(s) first name, age, and what city they live in.

You can check out all the submissions so far HERE.  We will be taking photos up until Monday, January 5th.

Dana Point Winter Festival (2)
Happy Holidays! 


Where Do I Get The LEGO You Use In Your Programs?

Many people ask us where do we get the LEGO that we teach with in our classes.  The short answer is we use a lot of LEGO Technic pieces, including Power Functions.  Typically, any power function set will come with a the battery pack, lead, and motor that we use in our Play-Well Engineering with LEGO Programs.

Power Functions 2


The pieces we use in this diagram are the battery pack, wire, and M Motor. These pieces typically come in any Power Functions set.

Here are suggested LEGO sets where you can get these items:

For more information about the pieces we use in class, visit our Play-Well materials page.

Check out some of the cool projects people have been able to build with power functions here..