Playing Well with Future Engineers at the National Society of Black Engineers Conference

The National Society of Black Engineers invited us to their annual conference at the Anaheim Convention Center. Future engineers from all across the country flew in to learn more about the world of engineering and how they can pursue a career in the engineering field. Our job was to introduce elementary through high school students to the world of engineering using LEGO.  We really appreciate the opportunity to work with extremely smart, dedicated, focused students. Thanks NSBE for having us!  Here is a video and pictures of what we were able to create with these awesome engineers of the future.


We have a packed room for our Engineering skills class for high school students. We taught students about reverse engineering and how to see their failures as simply stepping stones to success.



This student was quite pleased that he was able to reverse engineer his project and figure out how to combine two transmissions together in a simple, efficient way.


These middle school engineering students solved a conveyor belt challenge by fixing design flaws in real time.


One of our students, Justin, checking our 12 ft long cable-stayed bridge for any structural issues and adding the final touches.


Success! 12ft cable-stayed bridge built in less than 1 hour.



One of our staffers, Chre, who is a National Society of Black Engineers alumni, found his almamater there and they had to take a picture of this Aerospace Engineering Graduate who is now getting other kids interested in engineering


So many different creative designs to tackle the challenge.


We are not LEGOLAND, but for one workshop, we did provide an extravaganza of LEGO.


We built a 17 ft long corbelled arch bridge. It took us less than 1 hour.

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