LEGO Engineers Invade New York Financial District’s South Street Seaport

FiDi Families and Play-Well TEKnologiesc collaborated together to create a Play-Well Engineering with LEGO workshop at the South Street Seaport in the New York Financial District on Friday, August 14th, 2015 for families in the neighborhood.  Here is a video that captured the awesomeness of the event:

Check out some of the pictures that were tweeted about the FiDi Families Play-Well Event:

Fidi Families 1

Our LEGO Manhattan Bridge can withstand the pressure provide by this young structural engineer. (Picture Source:

Fidi Families 3

sofamilyonlineHad so much fun helping out at the @playwellteknologies @lego event in the @southstreetseaport. Great event @fidifamilies. (Picture Source:


Fidi Families 4

eunicekindredWinter had a great time at the Lego workshop presented by @fidifamilies @playwellteknologies @lego – it’s never too early to get girls interested in building and engineering! @sofamilyonline #cannonswalk @southstreetseaport #winterjosefina (Picture Source:


Fidi Families 5

sofamilyonlineCheck out this amazing bridge created by @playwellteknologies at today’s event in @southstreetseaport. Absolutely amazing. The kids loved it! @Lego building rocks! #citykids #kidsevents #fidifamilies #family #kids #familyfun #sofamily #sofamilyonline @fidifamilies #LEGOS #LegoFun (Picture Source:


Fidi Families 6

RT @FiDiFamilies: Even the little ones are loving the lego @PlayWell_TEK build event. Thx to @TheSeaport (Picture Source:


Fidi Families 7

RT @FiDiFamilies: Amazing turnout for @PlayWell_TEK lego event @TheSeaport in Front Street #c#CannonsWalk Come play! (Picture Source:

Visit Play-Well Special Events page, if you’d like to run a workshop in your area.


Kids Rebuilding Their City with LEGO After Hurricane Sandy!

Through our non-profit organization, Play-Well Outreach, we were lucky enough to work with children in March 2013, at Belle Harbor School in Rockaway, NY.  Many of the families there had been displaced by Hurricane Sandy.  The 55 kids, in attendance, helped rebuild part of Rockaway, in their own way, using LEGO.

Kids rebuilding their city out of LEGO.

Kids rebuilding their city out of LEGO.

We talked about the importance of the community, our engineers, construction workers, our leaders, and even how kids can help with the relief effort.  Parents even joined in on the fun once we got started. We split the engineers into 3 groups, and kids chose what part of the Rockaway they wanted to build.  It was rewarding to see the kids learning the importance of teamwork and being united, just as their families and community have learned during this time of need.

photo 3_1

At the end of the day, all the kids combined their sections of the city to rebuild Rockaway, NY.

photo 2

The  families, who in some cases are still homeless, carried a level of resilience that is inspiring.  Long after the storm, there are many families still working to rebuild their homes in Rockaway, and this gave the kids an opportunity to also contribute.  If you’d like to help support the work being done to rebuild in Rockaway and surrounding communities after Hurricane Sandy, you can donate to these organizations:

Rockaway Help


Here is a video of the devastation that hit Rockaway:

Giving Away LEGO on April 1st!

While doing inventory, we realized that our instructor kits have too much LEGO. So, we need to get rid of thousands of LEGO pieces. If you’d like some, just comment below. One last important piece of information: APRIL FOOLS!


Our Play-Well JEDI Engineering w/LEGO Program

We recently had so much fun running our new JEDI Engineering w/LEGO program.  Our instructors that are Star Wars nerds are really into teaching these programs, getting kids excited about the world of Star Wars, and answering what role engineers played in creating this world.

We ask our students, “who do you think built the X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Millenium Falcon, Death Star, Imperial Cruiser, Clone Troopers, and even the Jedi Academy?  Engineers.”  Then as engineers, we begin to reconstruct the world and story lines of Star Wars through our LEGO building.

Check out some pictures from a JEDI Engineering camp we recently held in Ventura County, CA.

Our staff member, Jared, with a group of mini Jedi Engineering builders.

Our staff member, Jared, with a group of mini Jedi Engineering builders.

A LEGO battle droid model and a X-Wing prototype welcomed these Jedi Engineers to the camp.

A LEGO battle droid model and a X-Wing prototype welcomed these Jedi Engineers to the camp.

If you’d like more information about our JEDI Engineering programs, click HERE.  We will be offering JEDI Engineering camps in various parts of the country this summer.  If you’d like to know if we are offering these camps in your area, simply click here and search for camps near you:


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