Press Advisory: Building Salt Lake Valley out of LEGO® Bricks

Creating Washington, D.C. out of LEGO® Bricks at the National Building Museum

Back in January, Utah tech leaders showed up to the Capitol to request lawmakers to help bring more talent to Utah to fill their STEM positions.  As National Engineering Week comes to a close, on Saturday, February 25th at the Gene Fullmer Rec Center, families get the opportunity to build Salt Lake Valley with over 50,000 LEGO® Bricks, as a way to introduce more kids to the world of STEM and assist in building that STEM talent pipeline for future.

Gene Fullmer Recreation Center is teaming up with Play-Well TEKnologies, an organization that teaches kids engineering concepts using LEGO, in a collaborative effort to introduce more kids to the world of engineering. Over 50,000 pieces of LEGO® and hundreds of families will be converging at Gene Fullmer Recreation, in an effort to build the Salt Lake Valley out of LEGO and get more kids interested in engineering and other STEM and STEAM-related fields.

Location: Gene Fullmer Recreation Center, 8015 South 2200 West, West Jordan UT 84088

Date: Saturday, February 25th, 2017

Time: 10 AM – 12 PM & 1 PM – 3 PM (For the best video and photos, we recommend press arrive near the end of each session)

Contact: Brianna Laffey, 720-515-7309,

Here are examples of Play-Well’s City Builds around the country:

Atlanta, GA

Washington, D.C.

Hayward, CA

Here are additional examples of other large builds Play-Well has done around the country.

Play-Well’s World Record LEGO®-Inspired Builds

In the past few years, we have gotten the opportunity to collaborate with amazing organizations and families to break World LEGO® Records.  Here are some of those below:

Setting The World LEGO Record With SoulPancake For International Peace Day

Breaking The World’s Longest LEGO® Chain Record For Jamesy To Bring Awareness To Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Building Human Spinal Columns out of LEGO® Bricks with Stanford Neuroscientists

Breaking World’s Longest LEGO® Chain Record For Autism Awareness

If you’d like us to help you break a world record, visit our Special Events Page and fill out our special events request form.

Play Well!

Girl Scouts Putting the E in STEM with Play-Well

We collaborated with a Girl Scout Troop in Ventura County in a Build-A-Car Event.  The Ventura County Star came out to report on the event.

“This past weekend, Play-Well TEKnologies hosted 17 Girl Scouts from four different Daisy troops throughout Ventura County in a Build-A-Car Event. Each Daisy Scout, aged 5 to 7, was able to build and operate a motorized car and learn about the physics behind each car part.

Girl Scouts are committed to empowering girls – especially in fields that need a greater presence of girls, like Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Play-Well TEKnologies is an educational outreach committed to teaching STEM concepts to all children through Legos and play.”

Press Source: Ventura County Star

Here are some additional pictures from the event.

IMG_0983 IMG_0985 IMG_0988 IMG_0991 IMG_1010


#LooksLikeAnEngineer Project

Isis Anchalee

“Engineer Isis Anchalee kicked off the #ilooklikeanengineer hashtag on Twitter.” Content & Picture Source: LA Times

You may have recently come across the #LooksLikeAnEngineer story about engineer, Isis Anchalee, who took part in a recruitment campaign for her tech employer.  She was “blown away” by the attention the image got.  But among the positive comments were negative ones, focusing on her appearance and whether she ‘looked’ like an engineer.  And thus a spontaneous movement was born!  Check out the site where female engineers around the world are showing their solidarity.
Being that our organization is involved inspiring future engineers on a daily basis, we wanted to do our part for this awesome #LooksLikeAnEngineer Project.  Here are some of our staff members that have contributed to the project so far:

Yay for working on giant robots that will someday be the RVs on the moon and Mars, bringing the astronauts habitats with them while they explore the surface. And doing it in a skirt! Now I get to inspire the next generation of rocket scientists to play and create the next amazing idea! -Kendra Kilbride, ex-Rocket Scientist.


My name is Gabs Dupont and I’m an Play-Well instructor in Chicago. I am also currently a student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign majoring in Bioengineering and minoring in chemistry.


My name is Victoria Mouwen and I’m currently an Area Manager for Play-Well TEKnologies. I received my BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Science from California State University Northridge. In my current position I teach children basic engineering concepts like: pneumatics, levers, transmissions and much more.

My name is Lynda Weiss and I’m currently an Area Manager for Play-Well TEKnologies. I received my M.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Davis. In my current position I am responsible for programs that teach children basic engineering concepts using FUN Lego projects!

My name is Lynda Weiss and I’m currently an Area Manager for Play-Well TEKnologies. I received my M.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Davis. In my current position I am responsible for programs that teach children basic engineering concepts using FUN Lego projects!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.50.48 PM

Kathy, our Atlanta Manager, added her contribution to the #LooksLikeAnEngineer Project.

We are asking our Play-Well families if they’d like to also contribute to this project.  Here is how you can contribute:
#1. Take a picture of yourself or someone that is passionate about the world of engineering.
  • It could even be a child that is interested in engineering.

#2. If you have your own twitter page, post it with and add the hashtag: #LooksLikeAnEngineer.  Tag us at #playwell, if you’d like.


Email us your photo at and we will compile them all together.

Our goal with this project and everything else we do for Play-Well is to let every child that participates in our engineering program know that they could one day be the next great engineer, scientist, or inventor that helps change the world.  We hope this #LooksLikeAnEngineer projects help to contribute to that goal.

Girls Only Engineering Day at Northglenn STEM High School

On April 28th, 2015, we provided a Engineering with LEGO workshop at Northglenn STEM High School’s Girls Only Engineering Day.  Here is a description of the event:

“The goal of GO Engineering Day is to provide opportunities for our female students at Northglenn STEM High School to learn about different fields in engineering, to meet and talk with professional engineers and engineering students, to learn about local engineering schools, and to participate in activities to develop skills involved in different engineering fields.  We are hoping that this event will be run completely by women, for women.”  

The project was a “System Engineering Build Challenge with LEGO”.  The girls had the challenge to complete 3 separate conveyor belts (1 horizontal, 1 inclined, and 1 vertical) and then try to move a brick across all three together.  Once done with the brick challenge they had to try it with a marble and 2 groups succeeded with the marble.  The girls learned about the PROCESS of engineering and what it takes to work successfully on an engineering team with their peers.

Check out some pictures from the event:

IMG_9202 IMG_9204 IMG_9206 IMG_9207 IMG_9208 IMG_9209 IMG_9210