Take Your Kids To Work Day 2020

We hope you are having an amazing start to 2020! Many studies have shown that there are many benefits to bringing your kids to work. Luckily, there is a day specifically devoted to this called Take Your Kids To Work Day.

Last year, we were lucky enough to bring LEGO-Inspired Play to Take Your Kids To Work Days around the country for companies such as Facebook, Google, Hershey’s Chocolate Company, Salesforce, Adobe, StubHub, Workday, and many more. We would love to bring our LEGO-Inspired Play to your company’s event this year. Click here for more details.

Excited About Take Your Kids To Work Day

For the past 10 years, we have infused more play into Fortune 500 Companies Take Your Kids To Work Day. We have run our LEGO-Inspired STEM Play Activations for companies around the country, giving kids a chance to experience a fun-filled day at their parents’ job.

We just created this new Take Your Kids To Work Day Video that we are excited to share.

Let us help you bring more fun to your next Take Your Kids To Work Day or Corporate Family Day. Request for more information here.

Palling around at Paypal

Paypal asked us to participate in their Take Your Child To Work Day.  We ran 8 workshops for quite a few future engineers, showing them how the engineering backgrounds of their parents all started with problem solving and playing.  Here are some pictures from the event.


Arriving at Paypal Headquarters.




We built a Paypal LEGO sign just for the event.


Our workshop is right this way.



Father and son getting ready to participate in their LEGO Engineering Workshop.


Kids built an amusement park in one of the 8 workshops that we ran.


Our engineering instructors showing how gears work.


This kids are excited to see what their project is going to do.


Proof that you can build any shape with LEGO Bricks.


We have no idea what exactly this is, but we know it is pretty awesome.

IMG_5537 (1)

Our Play-Well Staff is done for the day. Thanks Paypal for having us!

If you’d like us to participate in your organization’s family fun day, let us know (http://bit.ly/Play-WellLEGOSpecialEventRequest). Thanks Paypal for having us!