The City of Lafayette Staff Came Out To Play

On May 9th, 2017, the City of Lafayette brought together staff from their police department, economic development, firefighter core, recreation department, engineering department, and maintenance team together to connect through play.  We created a communication gap workshop where they needed to figure out how best lean on each other to accomplish a common goal.  Here are some of the highlights of the event:

Team Building Through Play

Back in 2009, a corporation asked us if we could provide them a fun team building event using LEGO® materials.  Well, our organization had been playing with LEGO® bricks since 1997, so we thought, why not give it a try.  Approximately 9 years later, we have now run team building events for Fortune 500 companies around the country, including organizations such as Google, Microsoft, VISA, Pixar, and Clorox.  Check out what we have done below and the philosophy behind our team building events:

Check out some of the events we have run below:


We ran a team building event recently for Google’s Global Food Program Team. Here is what they accomplished:

Medtronic 4

We participated in one of Medtronic’s retreats and had them building with LEGO at a winery.

Clorox visited Play-Well Pleasanton and created a Rube Goldberg LEGO project that used it’s own products.


We ran a team building event for 100 B.O.S.S. Staffers.  Here is an article describing that day:


MarkWest Energy in Colorado held their annual retreat for their engineering staff and we provided them some creative, collaborative challenges with LEGO.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.22.27 PM

An NCAA college basketball coach had us create a LEGO basketball challenge for their team before the start of the season:


Amazon asked us to create a LEGO building contest for their team of engineers. Here is what they produced:


We brought millennial students and working professionals together to learn about each other, how they work, and what is important to them all through LEGO.

Click HERE for more information about our Play-Well Team Building Events or you can complete our Team Building Interest Form HERE.

College Basketball Team Plays Well with LEGO

We were asked by a college basketball team to create a team building event for their players that got them to think in a collaborative way outside of the court.  We created a project that tied it their shooting prowess, their LEGO building skills, and their ability to communicate and delegate.  Overall, a really fun event and our first with a college team.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.22.27 PM

If you’d like us to provide a team building event for your team or organization, simply click here to request more information.

Medtronic Plays

One of Medtronic Departments were having their annual retreat and decided to have our Play-Well Team Building with LEGO workshop as part of the event.  The projects created tried to mimic some of the challenges of the constantly evolving and competitive medical industry.

Here is what they had to say about the Play-Well Team Building workshop.

“It was fun and at the same time our specific requests to build team work in certain ways were met as well.”

“I liked the playful nature of it and the clear flexibility of the facilitators.”

“It was fun! It also brought out aspects of people’s personalities I had not seen before. We got to work closely with some functions we don’t interact with except occasionally.”

“Fun way to learn big things about leadership and team dynamics.”

Check out some of what they did here:

Medtronic 1

Collaboration already starting to happen.

Medtronic 4

Some people were even getting on the table to build.

Medtronic 9

Finding a role for each person in the group was essential for the success of this team.

Medtronic 12

There were some moments when it got pretty difficult.

Medtronic 14

Of course, there was some racing involved.

Medtronic 15

And some sportsmanship before the race.

Medtronic 17

Getting close to getting the device to work.

Medtronic 18

Constantly having to adapt with new priorities placed in front of them.

Medtronic 19

One of the projects is completed and being transferred.

Medtronic 28

Time to connect them all.

Medtronic 25

Testing it out.

Medtronic 32

Slight adjustments need to be made after a few minor failures.

Medtronic 33

They think they got it.

Medtronic 35

Success. A job well done!

Great group of people to work with and overall a great team.  Thanks for having us Medtronic!


Play-Well’s Summer LEGO Build & Tell

During the summer, we always encourage our students to continue to build, play, and learn about the engineering world through LEGO.  So, we are conducting a fun summer project that kids and parents can participate in called Play-Well’s Summer LEGO Build & Tell.

It’s easy for anyone to participate.  Here’s how:

LEGO Checklist

1. Kids build a project, either something they learned to build at a Play-Well camp or a contraption that they have been inspired to build from their own creativity.

Kid Photo

2. Parents, make a short video of your child talking about their creation and any engineering or architecture concepts that have been incorporated into the project.  The video should not be more than 90 seconds.

3. Post your video on YouTube, vimeo, or your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page.

4. Submit the video link to our Play-Well Facebook, Twitter, Instagram page or email it to

5. Celebrate!  You are done!

Here are the prizes:

  • The first 30 submissions will receive a Play-Well LEGO Minifigure.
  • qqGYlp1 - Imgur10 submissions (selected at random) will receive a Play-Well LEGO Bow Tie.

Kid President LEGO Bow Tie

Kid President received one of our Play-Well LEGO Bow Ties and wore it recently at the Jefferson Awards:

  • 2 submissions (selected at random) will receive a complimentary Play-Well Engineering Fundamentals Mine, Craft, Build LEGO Workshop for their child and their friends.  It has become one of our most popular new programs.


All families that participate in this project can also be part of our Play-Well LEGO Build & Tell  compilation video, if interested.

The prizes are fun to receive, but in the end, the main goal of this project is to get kids to build more and realize what they are learning while building.  We believe that children learn a great deal through play and we hope to foster this type of learning through our summer camps, as well as at home.  If you have additional questions about the project, simply email

Also, check out our Summer Engineering with LEGO Camps happening near you.

Kid President Wore Our LEGO Bow Tie To The Jefferson Awards!

We recently gave Kid President and his co-creator of their awesome videos, Brad Montague, two of our Play-Well LEGO Bow Ties.  We found out that they wore them to the Jefferson Awards.


WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 18: Robby Novak (L) and Brad Montague, co-creators of Kid President appear at the Jefferson Awards Foundation 43rd Annual National Ceremony on June 18, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for The Jefferson Awards Foundation)

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 18: Robby Novak (L) and Brad Montague, co-creators of Kid President appear at the Jefferson Awards Foundation 43rd Annual National Ceremony on June 18, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for The Jefferson Awards Foundation)


We found out via twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 4.04.08 PM

We agree, they do look snazzy.

Kid President LEGO Bow Tie

Check out our other Play-Well LEGO Bow Tie Alumni.

Playing Well with Clorox

On Wednesday, May 13th, staff from Clorox visited Play-Well Pleasanton for a unique team building event.  Their goal was to build a Rube Goldberg project using 10 different types of LEGO projects.  Here is what they came up with in less than 3 hours.


Started simply with one small project.


They are hard at work.


The start of their challenge is that they needed to trigger this device.


From the initial device, they needed to connect through 10 additional projects. No small feat.


This car needs to be incorporated. They are trying to figure out how.


Towers need to be built.


Trying to figure out the best way to create an automated tank.


Creating a pendulum swing with pneumatic tubes. Genius.


Projects are not only functional, but stylish.


Determining the connections is one of the toughest parts.


This is how they decided to trigger the first mechanism.


Of course, Clorox needed to be made out of LEGO.


Three connections within the span of two feet.


Almost ready.


This monorail is triggered with a touch barrier.


The team accomplished the mission in less than 3 hours. This is their celebratory pose.

Team Building with Mark West

We were lucky enough to host a Play Well TEKnologies team building event for Mark West Energy today.

Mark West managers and engineers from around the country came together to connect, plan for the future, and play with a little LEGO. Collaborating through play is where innovation can happen, and we definitely saw it today.


Mark West Ticker in LEGO.


The collaboration has begun. The focus and energy is definitely there. They are definitely playing well


The towers are coming together.


Now to test their durability.


The next project took a bit of planning and visioning. Collaborating is key and notes needed to be taken.


These engineers are analyzing different aspects of the project.


Final touches need to be made on this project.


They have completed one of their sections and now are bringing it over to connect with the others.


Success. The projects have been combined.


And the president has overseen the entire operation.

Thanks for having us MarkWest Energy.